Most Requested Facial Treatment Is Back! – The 4 Peels in 4 Weeks Facial Bundle Deal

Who could resist having Four Facials in a month?  And better yet – at a great bundle price.

*This offer is unavailable with promotional discount and birthday vouchers

The normal Perfect Peel Facial is $69 per treatment, but when you purchase the 4 Peels in 4 Weeks Deal, you can receive them for $197(with each facial being only $49.25)

Included in the 4 Peels in 4 Weeks Bundle you’ll also receive –  

  • 4 Hand & Arm Massages,

  • 4 Decolletage Revive, (valued at $60)

  • 1 Eye Package (Brow Wax& Tint and Lash Tint valued at $29 to brighten your eyes on your last facial treatment)

Total Value of $365

Bundle Price Now $197

SAVE $168

And added to the Perfect Peel Facial is now the Enzyme Powdered Exfoliant which is like a dermabrasion treatment.
Applied as a mask and allowed to dry, it is then removed with mini strokes to reveal the dewiest skin ever.
The Enzyme Powdered Exfoliant  is an awesome exfoliating product with fruit enzymes that remove old skin with the help of Pineapple and Papaya enzymes, coconut milk, rice and oats.

What is the downtime?

You should wear sunscreen after the treatment and also for a couple of days afterwards.  Your skin has been exfoliated to reveal super smooth healthy cells that do need to be protected from the harsh sunlight.

What if I want another round of Peels?

Yes by all means this is a treatment you can have once a week.  The benefits are wonderful for so many skin types.

 What if I’m Sensitive skin type?

You can have a round of the normal Perfect Peel Facials if you think you may be a little bit sensitive to the new Enzyme Exfoliating treatment.

If halfway through the 4 weeks you think you may like to try the extra peel, it can be gradually implemented it into the facial to see if you like it or not.

What are the benefits of having 4 Peels in 4 Weeks?

Well…..where do I start? Your skin will be free of an overload of old skin cells so any product you apply will have a much greater chance of being absorbed.
  • You skin will appear more dewier and have a glowing appearance.
  • If you wear foundation it will look a lot smoother and have an even appearance.
  • You get to have a facial every week at an affordable price and some well deserving me time.
  • Minimises fine lines and wrinkles. Minimises sun and age spots.

What if I have one treatment and don’t like the Peel Deal?

That’s totally fine.  You just pay for the first treatment at the normal price of $69 and you will receive a refund of the balance.

What if I can’t get to my appointment?

The Peel Deal is to created for the most maximum benefit for your skin.  Having a Peel Facial Treatment each week is the best way to do that.  With life being  busy and hectic at times it’s understandable when things pop up and you can’t make your scheduled appointment.

Re-scheduling isn’t a problem and as much as it may be difficult to get all your 4 Peel facials in the month, going over a a few days  will still be of benefit and work in fine.

Or if you prefer you can have the Peel Deal and have the facials at your leisure.  The 4 Peels in 4 weeks is designed to give you the maximum benefits and results.  But you can choose to enjoy them when it’s convenient for you.

So how can I grab a 4 Peels in 4 Weeks deal?

You can contact Skin Mantra via the contact form on the New Here Page 

Or if you’d rather can call or txt Sonya direct  on 0458 177 707.

The Peel Deal is $197 and paid at your first facial treatment session to secure all your yummy facials at the bundle price, saving $108.  And if it’s easy you may also like to future book your remaining 3 facials so you will be sure to get your pick of the appointments times.

Hope that’s answered some of your questions, but if you have any that I haven’t covered please feel free to pop them into the comments section below and ask away, or you can contact me here.

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