As soon as Winter arrives and the weather temp drops, do you get that dry, cracked and sore lip feeling?

Here are 5 Ways To Soothe Dry Sore Lips  to get you through the Winter period.

1. Exfoliate

Lips can have a build up of dry skin that really needs to be removed so all those good nourishing products can get in.

Yes when you exfoliate your face be sure to go over your lips as well.

Your facial exfoliant is fine as long as you avoid anything that is high in AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) as they may sting your lips if they are cracked or split.

You can mix a little bit of olive oil and soft brown sugar to form a paste and rub across your lips if you like.

If it gets into your mouth it’s not so bad as they are edible ingredients.

 2. Always use quality lip balm with good ingredients.

Lip balm users beware.   Not all balms are what they seem to be and it’s always a good idea to read the ingredients on the label.  (Sometimes that’s a tad difficult as those tubes are mega small and so is the printing on the ingredients label).

The “Thumbs Up” Ingredients to look out for are, Shea butter, aloe vera, almond, jojoba, coconut and Sea Buck thorn oil (made from the seeds from the berries of the plant and has very high healing ability).

Avoid barrier type ingredients. They are often thick clear gels and even though they are great at locking in the moisture, they may also stop your skin breathing properly.

And if your lips are already in a fragile state suffering from dryness,  popping on a barrier product won’t allow any moisture to get in.   So a catch 22.

3. Change your lippy

Some lipsticks are longer wearing or stay-fast types and can sometimes be quite dry on your lips.

Sometimes when you pop on some lipstick you’ll find that it makes your lips appear even more lumpy, cracked and even drier.

In Winter it may be a good idea to stick to creamier based lipsticks and also top them with a nourishing lip balm. If you can source lippys with great ingredients containing Vitamin E, jojoba, shea butter etc and natural ingredients they will be less likely to dry your lips.. And be nourishing and give you colour at the same time.

Lip glosses may be a bit deceiving as even though they appear nice and glossy and thick, they can also be drying for your lips.

4. Vitamin Supplements

Sometimes a problem with dry lips may mean that you could be suffering from a vitamin deficiency.  This may cause scaling, peeling and the painful cracking in the corners of the mouth. When you are feeling a little rundown that can often make your dry lips even worse.

Blowing your nose continually all day long when you are suffering from a cold tends to dry out the skin on your lips and will end up feeling and looking leathery in appearance.

Vitamin supplements such as a multivitamin containing B Vitamins including B2 – riboflavin, (A riboflavin deficiency may also result in slower wound healing). Vitamin C and E, iron.  If you are unsure always check with your GP.

5. Avoid excessive sun – wind exposure and keep your lips clean  

We all love the sun but our skin doesn’t. Cold wind is just as bad and as the saying goes…prevention is better than cure.  Ha…we all know that one!  Protection is the answer. Hat, scarf and lip protection. Sometimes when we suffer soreness on our lips we tend to touch them continually all day long.  Unfortunately our hands can contain a mountain of germs and if your lips are in a fragile state already then it may make them worse.

Applying balms with your finger from containers such as pots, tins or jars means that you are constantly using your fingers to do that.  A roll- out tube, lipstick style may be easier to apply.

If you are suffering from long term soreness and infection it may be advisable to pop on over to the doctor for a check up just to make sure it isn’t something else like an infection called chelitis.  A more chronic infection of the lips and can be from other sources such as eczema, sickness, medications and excessive sun exposure and dryness.


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