At least twice a week but it does depend on a few things. Your age, your skin sensitivity and time of year.


If you are exfoliating your face more than 3 times a week you maybe over doing it.

Have you ever said to yourself….”If I scrub more often it’s going to do so much more for my skin!”.


Usually the opposite happens,  Your skin becomes drier, flakier, feels tender with patches of sensitivity and redness.  You may actually be causing more harm than good. Your capillaries can break under the constant scrubbing and leave you with a rosy ruddy looking cheeks.

Not always a great look. (maybe for Santa).


Your Skin Type and Exfoliation
Drier skin types may need to exfoliate a little more often.
Oilier skin types don’t benefit from scrubbing the oil away.  It only tells your sebaceous glands that your skin is dry and to produce more oil. But you do still need to exfoliate but gently.
More is not always better.  Trust me I know from experience!! Not a good look!
Overdoing it will usually leave your skin feeling a little more on the sensitive side.  Your skin may have a slightly pink look and your capillaries can appear more visible.
Under doing exfoliation often leaves your skin a bit drier, with a uneven look and feel.  Some parts of your face may feel smooth but your forehead may feel a little rough or flaky. Lacking a glowy and dewy appearance.
Why Your Skin Care Will Work Better For You
The main benefit is that your skin will absorb all those great ingredients from your skin care a lot quicker and allow them to do their job so much better.
Your skin will benefit and you’ll see a difference because your lovely oils, serums and moisturizers will work their way easily into your skin.
Am I Using the Wrong Scrub For My Skin?

Any exfoliant that contains harsh and sharp granules will be too abrasive for delicate facial skin.

Salt scrubs are great and do a wonderful exfoliation but keep those for your body.  Salts can be cruch-ier and will be perfect for your feet, elbows, knees and larger areas.

Most good quality facial scrubs are finer grained and will glide easily over your face without the scratchy feeling, and avoid ones that contain ingredients that will strip and dry your skin even further. With cream based scrubs  usually being a safer option.

Rinse off thoroughly and apply toner, (to fill the pores with moisture) and then seal all that goodness in with a nourishing moisturiser.  Your skin will not only feel so much smoother but plumper as well.  A perfect canvas to apply your foundation over.