Eyes and makeup – where do you start?

So many of us have issues with makeup and it’s correct application, especially on our eyes.  But is there actually a right and wrong way of applying makeup to your eyes, and what if you have hooded ones?

So what are hooded eyes -And how can I fix them?

Hooded eyes is just name given to describe a type of eye shape. It’s normally when your top eye lid rests on your bottom lid, hiding the natural crease or eye socket line.  Usually inherited and passed down the family tree, or can also be caused through the ageing and lack of elasticity in the skin.

It’s not something to be worried about as hooded lids are very normal.  There’s always a solution  and these types of eyelids can be cleverly camouflaged with makeup.

If you look at the image above of the three eyes, you’ll see that the  middle eye is more inclined to be hooded.  The one on the left and right has a clearer visible eye crease line.


But there’s always a solution.  With a massive range of makeup available at our fingertips, (and awesome corrective ones too), the best way to camouflage hooded eyes is  as simple as ABC.

Most of us get caught in a rut and have been applying our makeup in the same way and routine for the last 2, 5 or even 10 years.  There’s nothing wrong with that especially if you love the look you are wearing. But as the years progress the tautness in the skin in the eye area becomes creapey and looses it’s tautness and your original makeup application can make you look tired and draw your eyes down.

So I’ve been


There’s an awesome video tutorial by Nisha from Sugar Fluff Puff, and  have found it to be really easy to follow.  It’s been viewed over 1,345.000 times and is around 19 minutes long.  

Nisha does one eye with all the correct application techniques and her other eye the reverse to show you clearly the difference between clever application to widen your eyes, and those that will make the eye appear even more hooded.

You’ll enjoy her lovely accent as she explains each step really well as she demonstrates in the video below

Even if you only implement a couple of Nisha’s techniques I think you’ll find them super helpful.  Let me know how you go and feel free to pop your comments in the section below – I’d love to hear all about your makeup techniques.

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