A little too much partying and sun over the holidays?

No need to call in the paramedics just yet!

With the new Lively Licorice Detox and Express Peel Facials it’s like an instant makeover (kick) for your Skin.



The new Lively Licorice Detox Facial from Skin Mantra will resuscitate, detox and eliminate toxins (plus add a gorgeous glow) to your skin.


Warning not for those who don’t love the smell of licorice…!

This nutrient rich moisturising mud mask made from dead sea mud will  stimulate circulation to help purify the blood and rejuvenate healthier skin. With fennel to encourage the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins.

Sweet fennel helps to stimulate the Lymphatic system and promote the elimination of toxins from the skin.

WHAT SKIN TYPE:  All skin types, especially those experiencing dullness, congestion, breakouts and dehydration.


Dead Sea Mud | Sweet Fennel Oil | Avocado Oil |Cranberry & Raspberry Seed Oil | Cocoa & Shea Butter |

Lively Licorice Detox Facial 60 mins $69

Peel Treatment Facial

Or if you are short on time then the new  Peel Treatment Facial is perfect for those who may need a quick fix.

High impact for those always on the go! Starting with Peel #1 and working your way up to the stronger peels – #3  as your skin becomes strengthened  on following visits.

This facial focuses on strengthening your skin, helping it to absorb nourishing moisture laden ingredients by slowly increasing the level of the peel on each consecutive visit.  With the peels ranging from 1 going up to level 3 it’s not ideal to have a facial massage during the treatment. 

Though one Peel Facial will make a massive difference from the get go.

Includes double cleanse, peel, re-cleanse, mask, neck & shoulder -hand & arm massage, eye and moisture protection and serum.        

Express Peel 40 mins $65

Juice – a – Peel Facial 60 mins $79 (normal 1 hour treatment with facial massage)

Not sure if a Peel Facial is for you?  Read more here.

IF YOU ARE A SENSITIVE SKIN TYPE: Try the Plumberry Peel Facial.  Perfect for pregnant, dehydrated and anyone who may be sensitive.