7 Day Dry Skin Challenge

Are you feeling the effects of Winter and experiencing dry flaky skin?

Well come and do the 7 Day Dry Skin Challenge and get your skin Spring ready and go from dry to a new dewy complexion.

It’s a 7 day checklist that I’ve created that you can download and print off to help you get into a little routine to help minimise your dryness issues.
And It only takes 5 mins a day!
The downloadable PDF Checklist is designed for you to pop on the fridge as a reminder, so you can tick off the skincare schedule. Even though it’s aimed at  those who suffer from dry skin, the 7 Day Dry Skin Challenge will be a benefit for any skin type.


How To Do It
The checklist has a daily program of suggested exfoliation and also cleansing, toning and moisturising reminders for you.
Also some sunscreen applications and water drinking icons as prompts for you too.
We all know that it’s a great to drink lots of water to help maintain your skins hydration, and the reminder icon on the download will help you.
Quick Results
After starting the challenge myself and only doing it now for 3 days, I’ve already noticed a change in my skin.
I fall off the water-drinking-bandwagon all the time.



To download the checklist  just click on the image above.

If you would like some other helpful hints and tips to have that awesome glowing complexion, you can read the blog post which has some great information here –  7 Ways To Relieve Dry Skin On your Face.

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