Skin Mantra Before and After Tinting Photos

Recently we have been on the search for “Australia’s Next Top Tinting Models” and wanted to share Skin Mantra’s Before and After Tinting Photos with you. It’s amazing  how just a little bit of colour can make a big impact to your facial features.

Using tinting, waxing and (some tweezing too), here are some of the many results from our lovely ladies who allowed me to share there great results.


My first  model to the left had great brows and awesome lashes to start with.
The Aim: All what was needed was to add some colour to her already great lashes and brows.
A blue black for 10 mins was applied to her lashes and gave a really bright look. A light brown tint on the brows for around 5
mins added more definition and shape the eye area really well.

I love her results and after a tiny bit of waxing think it truly gives a lot of definition. A  lovely result.


My second model to the right had a great amount of brow hair to work with as well. Colour was the answer.
The Aim: To blend in the lighter hairs to match her darker hairs and little bit of a tidy.
 A great result by applying light brown tint for about 8 mins Only a tiny bit of waxing and the results were more even appearance.
No lash tinting was done.

Our lovely model to the left needed a little bit of colour.  Not a lot more was needed but the effect made for a fuller look.


The Aim: To add colour to plump and fill brows that were there but were light.  When tinted would add thickness.

The brows have a more rounded look and with just the tiniest amount of waxing gave a new more definite shape.




Our lovely model to the left has a load of eyebrow hair but was very fair and hard to see. Tinting hadn’t been done for some time so the results were subtle but still quite noticeable to see.


The Aim: To open up the eye area, re-define and add colour to her brow and lashes.


With an application  of light brown tint, her brows appeared more prominent and after  waxing, opened the eye area up considerably and gave a lovely arch effect.. Her lashes were tinted with blue black for 10 mins and gave a natural looking effect without the harsh and clumpy look of heavy mascara.


The Model to the right has beautiful  brows and were great to work with. She only needed a tiny bit of tint to blend in the odd light hair or two.  


The Aim: To  enhance the colour of the model’s brows and a very simple tidy..


Using light brown tint for a longer period of time hardly altered the original colour of her brows. After waxing  the effect wasn’t a stark result,  but a more even look with a slightly raised brow arch.  On next appointment the tinting could either be done as before or  possibly going a bit darker with a tint such as natural brown for a slightly more daring look.


To the left our model  brows were a little difficult to see and also had a combination of light and dark hairs mixed throughout.


The Aim: To create a brow shape with a little colour.


Opting for a trial recipe of light brown tint for a few minutes at first to see how quickly they would colour was a safe option to start with.  After 2 x more 3-4 minute applications all the brow hairs were blended beautifully.

Waxing afterwards gave a slight shape and lift and think this was another natural looking result.  Seeing our model two weeks later the tint was still gorgeous and long lasting even though she swims every day.. No lash tinting was done.


Each model above had their own unique reason for having tinting done and am sure you can see that the results are very individual.  The aim of tinting is to give colour to light or fading brows and lashes while it can highlight your natural features.

Benefits are:

  • Opens up your eye area
  • You can wear a little less makeup
  • Great for when you are going on holidays
  • Eliminates “The Raccoon Eyes”  if you wear mascara in the pool
  • Great for fair haired people


  • Not permanent
  • Can not be done on those who wear contact lenses or have extremely sensitive eyes
  • May only last for a maximum of  3-4 weeks depending on each individual.

If you are unsure or have never had tinting done before, a test patch of tint can be applied to the inside of your arm 48 hours prior your appointment.

Everyone’s experience of tinting is quite different  and results unique to each individual. Results can be altered using different tint colours and also mixing a combination of two tints together.

Colours most used are Light Brown, Natural Brown, Black and Graphite (great for mixing with brown to give a more ash colour).

If you are unsure about tinting or have any questions, please feel free to contact Sonya at Skin Mantra for further help.


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