So what is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA’s) and why on earth should you want to use one on your skin?


Aha’s are made from plants and fruits and used regularly in skin care and beauty treatments.

The reason for using these acids is to stimulate the production of new healthier cells,, to easily exfoliate the old ones away and reveal the brighter, smoother, dewy and glowing skin and to help promote collagen production.

The usual sign you may be having a peel treatment is that tingly, slightly prickly feeling after it’s applied to your skin

Though some people often feel nothing while others may find it slightly uncomfortable.  You may also feel a flushed, warm feeling, but only for a short time while the is active.

Facial Peel treatments being one of the highest concentrates of AHA’s will penetrate the skin and dissolve the blond like glue which holds these lifeless, dull and aged cells together. 

In other words they make exfoliation a lot easier and quicker rather than the normal kind of granular exfoliation treatments and creams.


Here are 5 Awesome Alpha Hydroxy Acids that you need not be afraid off and good for your skin.



Glycolic Acid

Derived from plants such as sugar cane, pineapple and sugar beets. Being a smaller molecule, it is easily penetrated deep into the skin, where it can stimulate the cells to produce more skin-firming collagen.

Salicylic Acid

Or known as BHA”s work both on the top of the skin and inside the pore and often the preferred type of BHA  for oily and congested skin.  Willow bark is a source of salicylic acid and has natural anti-inflammatory and skin-calming properties and used in many acne treatments.

Lactic Acid

Naturally derived from milk products to exfoliate more sensitive skin types.  A larger molecule so takes longer to penetrate the skin.  Has a similar effect to glycolic without the irritation or redness that may occur after a glycolic peel treatment.

Citric Acid

Found in citrus fruits and used in body lotions, face creams cleansers and peels.  Makes for a very fresh smelling product.

Tartaric Acid

This acid is found in grapes, bananas and tamarind.

The Alpha Hydroxy Acids are really beneficial for encouraging your skin cells to get up and get moving so to speak.  Some skin types that are reactive or highly sensitive may want to opt out of using AHA’s and if unsure you can always do a spot test next time you are at the salon.

Anyone who may feel a tad concerned can try the Plumberry Peel Facial.  This facial is specifically designed for sensitive skin types, safe to be used in pregnancy and made in the from an oil based peel. It’s massaged into the skin (may still tingle) but is packed full of vitamin C to help strengthen and repair,

Juice-a-Peel Facial 

Renew, rejuvenate and lighten ageing sun damaged skin to reveal a gorgeous glowing complexion.

Start with peel no: 1 on your first visit and working your way up to the highest strength—No 4. Gorgeous boost if you are going out  for a special occasion.


A little bit of everything with a mega result. (Includes face, neck & shoulder massage with hand or foot massage).

Juice-a-Peel Facial

  • Approx 60 min / $79
  • “Beauty Junkie Bundle” 4 x Juice-a-Peel Facials for $265 (saving $51)